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COVID-19 November 2020 lock down

By November 2, 2020November 7th, 2020announcement

November lockdown

I really didn’t see that coming on Saturday night.  Yes, there was talk of another lock down but I didn’t think they’d cancel all weddings again and shut us down completely – again.

It was definitely disheartening on Saturday night when I finally located the small print and found that although weddings hadn’t been mentioned in the broadcast, they were in fact completely cancelled.   We’ve worked hard to get back on our feet after we postponed over 70 weddings back in March.  That seems a life time ago now and we were just feeling that we’d found solid ground again.  Then, bham…

November weddings

Some of our November couples have already had their weddings cancelled several times this year.  Two of them have had them cancelled 3 times, they’ve now got their 4th wedding date of the year.  Imagine the turmoil of that on top of all the general lock down, local restrictions and all the other dramas we’ve all got going on right now.

What does the new lockdown mean for us?  Well a couple of big things.  The biggest is that our November weddings have all had to be postponed.   We’ve got everyone new dates which is great news.  We were super lucky that we close in January to give everyone a break after what is usually a super busy season.  But having not had a super busy season with summer 2020 being cancelled, our lovely elopement suppliers agreed to open up in January so we can host the November weddings at the beginning of next year.

November viewings

The other big impact on us is we can’t do viewings during lock down.  Provided the lock down is lifted on 2nd December, we can do viewings in December but no can do in November.

2021 availability

I’ll be back to talk about remaining availability for 2021.   It’ll be a short post haha as we’ve got very little left.  In fact I’ll have to check whether we’ve got any dates for  any kind of summer wedding.  I know we’ve got some elopement dates available for the END of next year.

In the meantime, we’ll keep on keeping on…I’m here to answer any burning wedding questions – send ’em my way!