How to make your wedding more Eco friendly

So your weddings around the corner? Have you thought about ways to help the environment and stay Eco friendly? Here at Ever after we love our beautiful surroundings. And taking care of what surrounds us is important. Because if we don’t do it… who will?

I don’t expect you to swap your designer dress for a bio degradable gown. Were certainly not asking you to walk to your venue (especially if your coming from over seas). But I’ve got some great ‘going green’ ways to show you guys some simple Eco friendly alternatives for your wedding day.


Were starting with your choice of venue. Choosing an outdoor venue is our first simple solution to going green. Now you may think how is this helping the environment? I’ve got the answer. Outdoor ceremonies = outdoor lighting! Turning off the lights is the first thing our parents teach us as children (even if it’s just because their thinking of their energy bill).


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If an outdoor wedding isn’t for you don’t panic. You can still go green by booking your ceremony and reception in the same place. Helping to save on travel will save fuel emissions!

Leaf confetti

Swapping that paper confetti for something that is bio degradable is the perfect solution for helping our environment. Better yet why not make your own leaf confetti. Using dry leafs and a stencil cutter you can cut out stencil shapes and pile together to make natural confetti.

The Dress

Now i know i said you didn’t have to walk the aisle in a paper dress, and i meant that part. I’m also staying true to the part where you don’t need to forget that gorgeous designer dress you’ve been dreaming about since you where a little girl! Yes i said it, its possible to source that dream dress and stay Eco at the same time. Re wearing a second hand gown is great for going green. And that doesn’t mean you have to except it as it comes. You can always make alterations so the dress is unique to you!

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This works for the bridal party too and don’t forget the Guys. Check out second hand wedding sights on social media. Mix match dresses and suits are a new trend for weddings so no need to worry about sourcing the same items. Buying a second hand item and paying for alterations is going to help with your budget also. WIN WIN.


Were in the twenty first century. Going paperless is the best way to help your wedding start of Eco friendly. Social media is a quick way to send out those important invites. You can always make an event for the extra reception guests. If your guests haven’t quite caught up with the twenty first century and still struggle to work their emails recycled wedding stationary is becoming more popular.

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I know what your thinking, flowers are natural how can you possibly be more Eco friendly when it comes to your wedding flowers? Picking in season flowers is a great way to start. Seasonal flowers that fit in with your wedding month are naturally grown cut and put together. Choosing a local florist will also help to be Eco friendly. Saving flowers from being imported or chemically grown will help the environment.

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Using your wedding bouquet and other bridal party flowers or aisle decoration as centerpieces will also help to go green.


Making your own wedding items is always great to help keep your wedding costs down. This is great for the bride and groom. Most importantly recycling re-loved items and turning them into something new that can be incorporated into your wedding is the perfect way to stay Eco friendly.

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