Our Available DIY Wedding Projects

As wedding venue, we know a lot about what couples want. Were involved in our couples wedding planning from the moment they book with us. It’s hard to get everything you dream of for your wedding when you have a budget. I know, budgets suck! but we all have them.

Over the years we’ve collected different salvaged items to use for DIY wedding projects that are available for our couples use completely FREE! And i have to tell you they are very popular.

Salvaged Door

An old door is the perfect canvas for any wedding signs. We salvaged an old antique door by stripping it down and painting the panels with chalk board paint, leaving the perfect board for writing down your table plan or any messages to your guests.

Salvaged Window

Another great find of ours was an old window. The window can also be great for writing messages, table plans, bar details etc. Its a cute DIY wedding sign.


Mirrors are a classy way of creating a wedding sign. The best part about it is you can use any mirror and wipe it back clean afterwards or use permanent marker and keep it as a framed memory in your home. Below is a photo of the mirror we have available to use if your getting married with us.

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Many of our couples have used our ladder frame in unique ways to display different ideas. One idea one of our couples had was to use plant pots to display their table plan.

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Hand Carts

Displaying things like drinks or sweets is difficult to find something a little different rather than just laying them out on a table. Hand carts are unique to celebrations, parties etc. A great way to display something that guests will take notice of.

Aisle logs

Being located next to the beautiful woodland has its bonus’. Apart from the main factor of its beautiful scenery we also have its resources. Aisle logs are a great way to display flowers during your ceremony.

Letter box

A brilliant addition to any wedding reception table. Perfect for keeping your wedding cards safe while you celebrate. Many couples hire post box’s for their weddings but here at Ever After we have our very own for our wedding couples to use.

If you’ve created a DIY wedding project yourself that you want included in your wedding you are of course welcome to bring it along. We love new unique ideas and being where we are we love anything recycled that helps protect our beautiful surroundings.

Need more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board for more DIY wedding project ideas.

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