Keeping little minds busy at your wedding

By February 17, 2020April 16th, 2020Wedding Entertainment

Children play a big part of your wedding day, especially if you have little ones yourself or you’re having them walk down the aisle. Keeping young children entertained throughout the day can be difficult. I should know, I have 5 under my roof! crazy right!?

But don’t panic, today i’m talking about ways to include children at your wedding and keep them busy throughout the day!

Flower girls & Page boys

Lets be real, flower girls and page boys always look super cute, so why wouldn’t you want them at your wedding? If you have your own children or perhaps a niece or nephew? It’s a great way to help them feel involved in your wedding, and it defiantly keeps them busy during the ceremony!

Ring bearer

A massive responsibility! But another super cute idea to include an important child in your day.

Before Christmas i had the pleasure of witnessing Samantha & Roberts elopement wedding. They asked their son Jack to carry their wedding rings for them and walk Samantha down the aisle, it was amazing to be apart of and Jack told me it was his dream come true!

Reception games

All that drinking champagne and adult talk can get boring for kids. At Ever After we have a selection of giant lawn games to keep your little (and large) guests entertained. Board games, inflatables, photo props are all great entertainment.


Now not everyone has to receive the same favours. As long as you have a seating plan you can choose something a little more interesting for children. Tatiana & Steve had this brilliant idea to recorate the activity sheets that family friendly restaurants hand out for children. Genius!

Rebecca Round Hill Photography

Remember little minds have a short attention span. Its hard for them to stay occupied by one thing for long so the more entertainment you provide the better!

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