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a religious wedding ceremony which doesn’t break the law…

By September 7, 2017November 28th, 2017Uncategorized
bride and groom outdoor home made chuppa Dartmoor

a religious ceremony that doesn’t break the law…

We’re licensed to hold legal weddings here at Ever After.   There are some rules that come with that, one of them is that there can be no religious element in your wedding ceremony.

For most couples, that’s fine as they don’t want religion in their ceremony but for those who do, it’s a situation we’ve seen a few times and there is a solution…

Penny & Pete wanted to have some religious touches to their wedding ceremony so we recommended a wedding celebrant who they hired to come to the venue and conduct a wedding ceremony of their choosing.

Nicola of Cornish Wedding Celebrants has been here before for a couple of our weddings and know the venue well.    Pete’s brother and a few in the wedding party put together a chuppah outside the wedding barn the night before the wedding and Penny & Pete used it as part of their wedding ceremony on the day.

bride and groom outdoor home made chuppa Dartmoor

The weather was beautiful on the day so all the wedding guests were sat outside the wedding barn where they could witness Penny & Pete exchanging their vows, led by Nicola.

Not needing to comply with the rules meant they could also have some hymns during the wedding ceremony, write their own vows and have the traditional breaking of the glass to celebrate the end of the ceremony.

bride and groom wedding ceremony home made wooden chuppah

And then it’s time to celebrate!   Yay!   We did it!

bride and groom outdoors celebrating hands in the air

These are the first teaser photos from Ben Selway who photographed Penny & Pete’s wedding.

You can see some more of Ben’s wedding teasers here on the blog from a couple of weeks ago.

If you’d like to see another non-legal ceremony, take a look at Jenny & Shaun’s wedding and I’ll soon be posting another non-legal ceremony which took place here in July.