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Suiting and Booting – A short guide to the perfect tailoring


You both want to look your best on your wedding day. So lets a moment to talk about suits.

There’s enough out there on what brides wear…so we’re dedicating this post to all the suit lovers out there who would like to look and feel dapper on their day.

The key to a good suit is fit. Men and women come in all different shapes and sizes. It’s always best to go and try on your suit in real life to figure out what cut suits your shape best. Just remember –  weddings days can be long (but fun!) – so make sure that you are comfortable in what you choose. The last thing you want is to constantly have to adjust or pull at your clothing, you’re going to be looking at the photos for the rest of your life!


Photographer: Clare Kinchin

Starting from scratch

If you’re willing to splash your cash on a bespoke number, bare in mind the lead time for this can be up to four months. This means planning is key…no last minute Larry’s please!

Going through a tailor, you will be able to decide on fabric, lining, cut and shape of your suit – so let your creative juices flow (or the trained tailors)! It’s the perfect way to make sure that your outfit suits you, and expresses your personality.

To add a personal touch to your suit (or if you’re a big fan of pattern but your partner isn’t keen on you being printed head-to-toe) the perfect way to jazz it up is a colourful lining. This can be a very simple way to make you feel fabulous on your day – you can even match it to your grooms-peoples ties or pocket squares.


Photographer: Nick Walker

On a budget

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your wedding day style. My top tip is to buy off the shelf and your local dry cleaner or professional tailor can do a lot for you.

Eco Conscious Suits

Whether you’re eco conscious or just have a less to spend, a pre-loved suit is a great way of feeling fly. Focus on material and hand it over to a trained professional to get it to fit just right. There are a lot of beautiful suits out there waiting for you if thats the way you choose!

Look out for our next post, detailing how dress your grooms-people – with a special mention of fabrics and colours.


Photographer: Clare Kinchin