Woodland weddings – an insight in your dream outdoors ceremony!

A Real Woodland Wedding

We don’t want to brag but here at Ever After, we have a few breathtaking places to get married… Down at the bottom of our Dartmoor valley, we are very proud of our magical woodland. With 42 acres to roam there are lots of enchanting tree-filled pockets to explore…or get married in (kind of). Now if you’re not afraid of the occasional insect *including but not limited to butterflies!* and you fancy a ceremony under a umbrella of green leaves then I’m here to show you what mother nature has to offer! (and us)


Photographer: Nick Walker


Photographer: Nick Walker
Legal Stuff

Now, before we get started…and I bombard you with FAB photos lets get the legal stuff out the way. English and Welsh law state that weddings have to be conducted under a licensed structure. So the low down is you can’t get legally married in the woods because we have no structure to licence. Believe me, if we would get our Victorian mine authenticated but its only wide enough for one person to stand in…(and has no roof)

If your dream is to get married in the woods, don’t be disheartened – get married legally before or after and have your perfect ceremony in the woods with your loved ones.


Photographer: Nick Walker


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Photographer: Nick Walker
Wedding in the Woods

Our 2019 woodland wedding was amazing…the bride and groom Ksenia and Jamie got married under one of our massive oak trees which was beautifully covered in wisteria for their special day. The florist was Amanda Randall, I can’t stress her creativity and awe inspiring arrangements enough…


94ya4WgQ scaled
Photographer: Nick Walker

Let’s not kid – doesn’t that look STUNNING.  A pop of colour with flowers adds to the special moment…let your imagination run wild (or a florist)! The woods provide a beautiful canvas to hang flowers off and regardless of flowers, the trees provide a beautiful backdrop for you both!

English weather can be a little unpredictable so a back up plan is a good idea. Wellies and umbrellas are sometimes a must – a quick change of weather could happen so lets make sure you’re ready! (or you could just retreat to the wedding barn…personally I think that’s a pretty sweet compromise)


Photographer: Nick Walker


…psssst – remember that woods can be muddy – be prepared for the likelihood that your clothes get a tad dirty. But if you’re the sort of couple that don’t mind then it’s certainly a romantic and unique way to tie the knot.

Now if you’re still on the fence or just want to find out more, check out our previous post about woodland weddings here:

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