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As the autumn is settling in, it’s easy to reminisce over those long summer evenings spent with loved ones…so let’s indulge a little!

The Summer season is officially over here at Ever After, our little haven of a valley is slowly turning from green to orangey-hues (and our dogs Chip & Spud are enjoying chasing squirrels in the woods). Although I’m ready to embrace the changing season, lets just take a moment to look back on a favourite moment of mine from 2019 Summer Weddings…(because there sure have been A LOT…more to come!)

Real Summer Weddings

A top highlight for me was to see Georgina and Mani’s ceremony in our orchard. The valley acts as a perfect bubble for your special moment, providing a very intimate (and of course outdoorsy) vibe. Being in amongst the trees gives a lush green backdrop that will make your photos pop.


Photographer: Claire Kinchin


Now if you’re anything like me and a sucker for colour, you would have spotted that flower arch…I can’t (and won’t) stop swooning over it for two reasons… but first let’s take a closer look


Photographer: Claire Kinchin


Firstly – I have always thought flower arches are a simple but effective way of making something a little more spectacular on your wedding day. Creating more 3D floral pieces is something that always catches my eye…and the camera lens. Secondly, I am a sucker for colour and these amazing arrangements (created by the brides talented best friend) aren’t shy with colour. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL.

psst…before I sign off I’m just going to drop a photo of their SECOND breathtaking flower arch in the Wedding Barn… I don’t think it needs my words – it speaks for itself! 

this ones a show stopper …

Photographer: Claire Kinchin

…okay, so  you get it – Georgina and Mani had fantastic flower arch game.

There are more wonderful photos and ideas I’ll share with you over the winter months to inspire your Summer Wedding.