update on 2022 availability…

So….that’s the last wedding date booked for 2021 and we’ve got our eyes set firmly on 2022. If you’re wondering about our availaibility for next year, I’m here to give you a bit of an update.

As you know we do 3 types of wedding here, summer Saturdays, midi mid-weeks (MMW) and elopements. Let’s dive right in and take a quick skate through the availability for all of ’em…

Summer Saturdays

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First up, the summer Saturdays. That’s May to September for up to 120 guests. Saturdays only.

We’ve got at least one Saturday available from May to August. We don’t have any dates left in September and we’ve got one date in August (13th). If a summer Saturday is your thing, get in touch.

Oh and a reminder – 2022 is our last year, yep our very last year for the summer Saturdays. If you want an Ever After wedding, it’s next year or nothing. You’d better get on to that.


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So onto MMW. As we had to reschedule so many weddings due to (yeah you guessed it) Covid, we have moved the MMW to Tuesdays next year instead of Wednesdays so we can offer more dates.

If you didn’t already know (and if you didn’t you can read all about MMW weddings here on the dedicated MMW section) the MMW weddings are a fully inclusive package for 20 guests with the option to add 10 more day guests and even more evening guests.

For 2022 we’ve got 2 dates left in May, 1 in June, 2 in July, none in August. We’ve got several MMW dates in September. So that’s a good selection for you – yay! But a warning, 2022 is our last year for MMW weddings too. From 2023 it’s elopements only, all the way.


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We’ve got summer and winter elopement dates for next year. Let’s do winter dates first…

We don’t have any dates in February but we’ve got some in March. We’ve got nothing in April, that is jam packed booked up. Skipping over the summer (see below) and getting into winter 2022, we’ve got some dates in October and a good selection in November and December 2022.

Moving to summer next year for elopements, we’ve got 2 dates in May, 1 in June, 1 in July, none in August and several in September.

So that’s it a quick spin through availability as of today. Have you downloaded the brochure you need? Get the link right now by clicking here and picking the one to suit your size of wedding.

Got the brochure and seen a date you like the look of? Then ping me an email and let’s talk wedding (my language).  You can email me direct at [email protected].co.uk. You don’t go into some automatic sales funnel, I see and respond personally to every single email. Every.single.one. Email me, I’d love to hear from you.

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