Update on 2021 elopement availability

So we’re back in the biz of weddings – yay!

This month we’ve been able to to host weddings again. The restriction on numbers didn’t make any difference to our existing bookings as we only hold elopements in April and they’re limited to 10 guests. So for us April has been back to business as usual.

It didn’t take us long to get back in the swing of things and now we’re full steam ahead, basically for the rest of the year.

Today we’re celebrating our 8th elopement this month. I’ve got the official photos in from 5 of them. Proof we’re back on our game!

5 lovely ceremonies…


Hannah and Edmund 81 copy

Zoe and John 113

Jeanette and Greg 47 copy

Natasha and Jack 70 copy

Emily and John 59 copy

5 lovely bouquets…

Emily and John 211 copyNatasha and Jack 34 copyJeanette and Greg 344 copyZoe and John 52

Hannah and Edmund 154 copy


5 lovely tablescapes…

Zoe and John 179Jeanette and Greg 263 copyNatasha and Jack 111 copyEmily and John 230 copyHannah and Edmund 313 copy


5 fabulous wedding cakes…

Zoe and John 234Jeanette and Greg 250Natasha and Jack 107 copyEmily and John 241 copyHannah and Edmund 321 copy

So now we’ve had a quick whip through the last couple of weeks, let’s look forward to elopements for the rest of 2021.  We’re fully booked for all our main elopement package dates for the whole of Spring, Summer and Autumn this year.   As of today we’ve got 1 winter date left for the whole year which is Thursday 23rd November.  Yep, that’s it, one date left for 2021.   That’s for our main elopement package with the whole mini wedding enchillada including 2 nights accommodation.  You can download the brochure for our winter elopements here and our summer elopements here. 

We do have one possible solution if you really want to get married in 2021 and that’s our new ceremony only elopement package which we offer on Fridays in the winter.   At the moment we’ve got dates available in October, November and December 2021.   You can download the brochure for the ceremony only elopements here – it’s got all the deets, including full pricing.

I’ll be back shortly to give you an update on the 2022 elopement availabililty so if you’re looking for next year stay tuned…

If you already know you want a 2022 elopement date, you can email me at [email protected] and I’ll let you know what dates we’ve got.


*since posting this blog, our last 2021 elopement date has been booked.  We’ve got no dates left at all for 2021 for weddings of any size.

We’ve got dates available in March 2022 and onwards although we’ve already taken bookings for October 2022 so dates are going quickly.  I’ll be back to post a detailed update on availability for 2022.


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