Venues, what’s popular? – 2018 Wedding Trend Report #4

We know that lavender and foliage are going to be huge for this year, and unique bars will be appearing (yay!). So, what sort of venues are on-trend for 2018 and even 2019?

venues wedding trend report ever after


Luxury Venues in the Heart of Nature

No, I’m not just saying that. Newly engaged couples are focussing on luxury venues more than ever, especially ones where you can get married amongst nature. We’re seeing less stately homes & castles, and more intimate secluded spaces. Couples are looking to treat their guests and have a real sense of calm and tranquility. This is possibly the reason for the increase in elopement weddings. Couples are opting to spend more on quality and less on quantity.

venues wedding trend report ever after

You’ll already know that we are quite literally surrounded by 47 acres of nature and luxury weddings are what we do. It looks like Nicola and Steven were 6 years ahead of the mark with this trend!


Exclusive Use

You can’t really do luxury if you’re sharing the venue with another couple. That is probably why exclusive use venues are high up on the trend report too.

At Ever After, our couples have the venue completely to themselves (minus the possibility of being greeted by a friendly border-terrier or two) from the afternoon before their wedding, to midday afterwards. This, of course, includes luxury accommodation. There is absolutely no conveyor belt system here and we like to focus on each wedding individually.

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Clare and Simon 0041 preview

And we love it when couples take advantage of their time here and make themselves at home. There is so much to explore after all!

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Another trend (one which I personally love) is wanting candlelight. Ever After is home to candles, lanterns, and tea lights galore so we are super thrilled this is a trend for 2018. I mean, who doesn’t love candlelight?!

venues trend report ever after candlelight


Unfamiliar with this year’s trend report? Get caught up!

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venues trend report candlelightvenues trend report candlelight



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