What the 2021 lockdown means for viewings

Well I didn’t see that coming. Another lockdown and all wedding venues shut down and all weddings cancelled. It really says something about the times we’re living in rn when the Govt shuts down your business on 4 hours notice and it feels…normal.

If you’d told me 2 years that my entire business could be shut down just like that and I’d be rescheduling a load of cancelled weddings, I would never have believed we could cope with that. How could any business cope with that? But we have. 3 times. In less than a year. Unbelievable what you can deal with when you have to. Am I right?

bride and groom first kiss
Photographer: Sally Thurrell

So what does it mean for couples wanting to visit the venue? Well, it’s pretty straightforward – another lockdown means we can’t do any viewings until the Govt lets us open up again. And of course we don’t know when that will be.

What can you do if you want to book your wedding venue and you can’t see it beforehand? Well you’re in luck! We’ve got a ton of real wedding photos on the website. If you’re looking for a big Saturday wedding, check out the gallery on the Summer Weddings page of the website, click here to get to that now.

There are over 70 of our summer weddings there so you’ve got a good selection. If you hover over the front page of each wedding it’ll tell you what month the wedding was.

So if you’re interested in a particular month you’ll get a good steer on what the garden is like at that time in the summer. Roses are your flower? Then it’s a June wedding for you.

amanda mica luna 0398 scaled
Photographer: Luna Weddings

White hydrangeas are your thing? Then it’s August and September for you.

kiley & martin real summer wedding at ever after
Photographer: Helen Cawte

We’ve also got a selection of real wedding films shot here at the venue, at the last count there were over 20 of them. So make sure you check those out too.

bride and groom smoke bomb celebration
Photographer: Nick W Walker

And what’s better than hearing from other couples exactly what it’s like to have a wedding here? We’ve got a ton of great reviews from our previous big summer wedding couples – you can see them right here.

If it’s an elopement wedding you’re after, well we’ve got a dedicated elopement section on the website. We’ve also got a dedicated real elopements wedding page so click here to see those. Guess how many real elopement weddings you can check out? Over 120. That’s more than any other wedding venue website I know of.

You know the other thing? All the weddings are different. We don’t do cookie cutter weddings here, even when we supply the whole package of flowers, cake and styling. The elopement package includes all of those things and a whole lot more. But don’t get me started on that, that’s a whole other post! Right now, make sure you see the elopement real weddings page.

And we’ve got elopement films. Yep a whole lil section dedicated to gorgeous films of our mini elopement weddings. Wanna see? ‘Course you do. Ok, slide over here and take a look.

Fran and Tom 287
Photographer: Clare Kinchin

Elopement reviews you say? Yeah I thought I heard that, we’ve got a load of those too and they’re bang up to date. I hate it when I see the latest reviews on a website date back to 2017 or something. C’mon people, keep up to date! The last reviews on our website are from December, yep that’s just last month. No reviews for November coz well, lockdown but you’ll find reviews for October, September and going back each month last year when we could actually have weddings.

And we’ve have had a couple of our elopements featured in the last few weeks. Jess & Ted were featured in Your Devon and Cornwall Wedding. (Click through to p26 when you get there)

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Pippa and Theo got married here in October after their big wedding last summer was cancelled due to, well you can guess. Their wedding is featured here on Want That Wedding where you can read Pippa’s small wedding experience including her advice to anyone having a small wedding.

The other thing to do is make sure you’ve downloaded the brochure you need. We’re locked down, there’s nowhere else to go (sadly) so kick back, download the brochure you need and get reading! You’re already thinking about your wedding, so take the next step and do something concrete to get it booked in. The sooner you do that, the sooner you can get on with the real planning. Stop dreaming, get planning!

Photographer: Clare Kinchin

Click on the link below for the brochure you need and you’ll get full details on pricing & a load of other useful stuff. How do you know which one you need? I’ve made it super easy for you (you’re welcome) based on guest numbers and time of year. There’s a choice of 5 different brochures – get ’em all if you like!

Download the brochure for you:

up to 20 guests, mid-week May to September.

up to 8 guests, elopement wedding October to April

up to 10 guests, elopement wedding May to September

ceremony only weddings – all year round

120 guests – fill out the form and we’ll send the brochure

You could wait until the current lockdown is over and then book your venue viewings but couples are booking their dates now without visiting because they know those dates are gonna go and as I always say, they’re not making any more dates. Historically we take most of our bookings in January and February and it looks like lockdown isn’t making any difference to that. So far this year I’ve taken at least one new booking every. single.day. So you can see how quickly dates will go.

Your wedding experience blog post ever after blog
Photographer: Luna Weddings

You probably already know this but in case you haven’t come across it yet, 2022 is our last year for summer Saturday weddings, in fact any weddings over 10 guests. We’re also finishing our MMW next year so if you do want a summer Saturday or a MMW here, next year is your very last chance.

So there you have it. Whilst you can’t visit us in lockdown, there’s plenty you can do:

Download the brochure you need (see above)

Check out the real weddings galleries and watch the films

Read the FAQ’s

Read through our happy couple reviews

Get in touch with me and find out the next step to booking your wedding with us. You can email me direct at [email protected] – I’d love to hear from you.

kiley & martin real summer wedding at ever after
Photographer: Helen Cawte

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