Let’s take a look at the 2019 wedding cake trends. Although one of the finer details of the day, absolutely crucial… I mean who doesn’t LOVE cake?

I don’t think eating cake will ever go out of style? But the way that it looks is forever changing!
The style of your cake is your chance to really make an art statement and express your inner self.

Over the last few years, we’ve been bombarded with the ‘Naked’ and ‘Semi-Naked’ Cake. Our couples have loved this look of exposed sponge. The ‘Naked’ and ‘Semi-Naked’ cake has a rustic feel and the lack of icing hasn’t taken away any décor possibilities, including beautiful ribbons and freshly cut flowers.

cake, naked cake, semi naked cake, flowers, tiers, wedding, frosting, icing, ever after, freckly photography, helen cawte, florist, ever after Left Photo: Freckle Photography, Dartmoor Flowers, Right Photo: Helen Cawte, Cake by: Cut me off a slice

Although it looks like the days of the Naked cake are behind us, we are yet to find out what 2019 has in store. Time to show you what cakes are hitting the top of our upcoming 2019 trends. Here are a few styles that I know you’re going to love;


The Geometric style has come in all shapes and sizes. It’s ranged anywhere from the shape of the cake and structural concepts to the decoration shapes; the painting and the fondant.
Admittedly this look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But my gosh is it a show stopper!

geo, flowers, style, ever after, cake, layers, gaps, standing, structure, hexagon, bees, geometric, beautiful, stunning, tiers, height, decoration, show stopper, effective,

Geo, geometric, paint, fondant, icing, foliage, flowers, strong, layers, marble, tiers, cake stand, black and white, b&w, simple, effective, show stopper, style, trend, 2019


The traditional fondant wedding cake has been around for decades, and it’ll never be ‘out of style’ but the styles will continue to evolve. More recently we have been seeing watercolours, and the mouthwatering  drip effect.

Chocolate, drip, orange, flowers, cake, boo to a goose, harrie, decor, wedding, ever after cakes Cake: Harrie – Boo to a goose, Photographer: Clare Kinchen

If you’re loving this chocolate orange drip cake as much as I am then head over to the wonderful chef who created this masterpiece. Get in touch with Harrie now at Boo to a goose!

This year we will still be seeing the ultimate elegance of the traditional white wedding cake, keeping things simple and beautiful as ever, with the twist of freshly cut flowers creating a pop in colour.


This year is all about mixed metals, and how they’ve burrowed their way into the style of cakes we’ll be seeing this year. Silver, chrome, copper & shimmer effect will be making an outstanding appearance in 2019, Gold leaf and gold paint have us particularly excited!

copper, gold, mixed metals, gold leaf, cake, paint, shimmer, shine, tiers, layers, wedding, floral, writing, text, leaves, flowers, ever after
Photographer: Nova Wedding Photography
copper, rose gold, rose, cake, textures, tiers, cake topper, metal, mixed metal, layers, wedding, gold leaf, rustic, yummy, ever after,
Photographer: Luna Weddings


The ultimate cake, albeit a little stinky… Cheese cakes have been the centre of attention at Ever After for the past few years now, and we don’t see them going anywhere. It’s the new savoury trend that’s ideal for those who favour dairy over sugar.
They’re rustic, different, sometimes unrecognisable as not being a traditional wedding cake.  Our couples have explored every which way of displaying these wheels of dairy deliciousness; dressed with flowers, fruit, cake toppers or oppositely keeping things simple and ‘naked’.

cheese, wheel, stinky, wedding, tower, cake, heart, ever after, cheese gromit, flower, fruit, leaves, ribbon, wax, colours, crackers Photographer: Dan Ward

For more inspiration head over to our Wedding Ideas page.

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