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Doggy wedding chaperone

By February 20, 2019February 22nd, 2019pets at ever after
dog chaperone

A personal chaperone for your furry friend!

So, i spoke previously about how here at Ever after we welcome your well behaved dogs to our venue, to join you and your guests in celebrating your wedding day! Brilliant right?

Now you may think that its a lot of organizing on top of all the preparations for your wedding to try and include your furry friends! Well i have a service for you which makes all this and more possible with our local doggy wedding chaperone.

A Pad 4 Paws

We often recommend our local dog wedding chaperone and boutique hotel for dogs aPad4Paws!

This service run by Sue & Pete provides a chaperone to take your pet(s) to your wedding venue with the option of a walk, bath and grooming first (because your dog needs me time too).

They meet with you the client to find out exactly what you need. They visit the venue to make sure there’s somewhere to wait with your pup(s) (we’ve got that covered for you as they’ve already been here).  They prepare your furry friend for your big day and bring them to your venue at a time of your choice; to walk down the aisle, greet you at the end as newly weds or just to turn up for the all important wedding photos and stay with your fur babies for as long as you desire.

amanda&mica dog pic

Photo by Luna Weddings



i asked Sue & Pete why they started out.

“we my husband and i, started the dog chaperoning at apadforpaws in March 2018 born out of not being able to have ours and our son’s own dogs at his wedding due to having no one to look after them.”

Lots of couples come across the same problem. But now with the help of a pad for paws, you don’t have to worry.

Doggy boutique

Once you and your guests are ready to party the night away a pad for paws are happy to take your special guest(s) back to your home, to a friend or to their doggy hotel at their own home for an exciting night away where you can carry on partying knowing they’re being properly looked after.

Sue & Pete include your doggy guests in with their own family and their own furry friends, because they need to have some fun too!

Want to see more dogs at weddings? Check out my previous post from dogs that have attended here at Ever after.

Interested in including your fur babies in your wedding day and want to check them in to Pad 4 paws doggy boutique hotel or order a chaperone? Check out Pad 4 paws website for more info.

Get in touch if you want to bring your dog to your own wedding. Email Nicola at