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woodland weddings part 4

By February 22, 2019March 1st, 2019woodland wedding

woodland weddings

You can read my previous recent posts on woodland weddings here, here and here.  (Gwan, take a few minutes to read those first, I’ll save your place here, promise).

Now you’ve caught up with those you’ll now I’m looking at some individual weddings so I can share more photos from a particular wedding as I don’t often get the chance to do that.  On each real wedding page I’ve only got about 25 pics to try and give you a flavour of that wedding and I’ve got to get everything in those 25 – getting ready, ceremony, flowers, reception, cake, table set up, evening.  It’s tough trying to pick out just 25 when for a big wedding I’ve probably got a choice of about 1,200 pics from that wedding.  (Just imagine how many wedding photos I see a year – I know right?  Lucky for me I love a wedding pic!)

Catie & Dan’s wedding

So back to the point of this post – woodland wedding pics and Catie & Dan’s woodland wedding pics in particular.  Catie & Dan got married here on a beautiful July summer’s day.   Not only had they made a great choice of venue (natch), they’d also picked a great photographer, the lovely Helen Cawte. Helen has a dreamy, romantic style and everyone looks 100% gor-jus which is an added bonus.

Some couples go deep into the woods for their woodland photos.   But you don’t have to.  Catie and Dan stepped just outside the gates to the woods and all these photos were taken about 100 metres away from all the guests but in complete seclusion.  Perfect if you feel you want a little space away from an audience (much as you love your guests) but don’t want to disappear from your own wedding reception for too long.

Catie & Dan were still in the main venue gardens for this shot.  You can just see the steps which lead to the gates to the woods.   Through those gates and you’re in a different world, cocooned in this ancient woodland.

bride groom dartmoor woodland

on the banks of the river

From this point you can see straight down the river, giving a breath taking backdrop to these photos.  And just a stroll outside the gate.  Of course you do need a great photographer (did I mention that bit?), someone who can capture the beauty of the surroundings – oh and capture the beauty of the two of you together.  Aw, love that.

bride groom dartmoor river bank

bride groom dartmoor woodland wedding

bride groom dartmoor riverside wedding bride groom close up laughing dartmoor river backdrop

bride groom close up smiling dartmoor river backdrop

groom kissing bride dartmoor river backdrop

And then a gentlemanly hand back up…

back to the party

And then a minute’s easy stroll back to your wedding reception, your guests probably  haven’t even noticed you’ve been gone…

bride groom side shot kissing woodland

bride groom strolling woodland

So that’s it, just a few minutes away from your wedding guests and these beautiful photos are your’s for life, perfect for putting up on your wall at home to give you all the feels every time you walk by.

bride groom woodland facing camera smiling

If you want to have gorgeous woodland wedding pics like this, then you need to get married right here!  Helen Cawte and Dartmoor Flowers are on our exclusive suppliers list which you get automatically when you book with us.

Have you downloaded our summer wedding brochure yet?   What’s keeping you?  (Seriously, what IS keeping you, get on to that).

You can see more of Catie & Dan’s dreamy wedding over on their real wedding page.