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All things Floral and amazing Devon Florists


Flowers are a massive part of your wedding day, and getting them right can seem like a lot of unnecessary hard work!

Choosing the right Florist to create all your floral’s is the first Choice you need to make. Where do you start? Some of you who have been following our blogs may already know about our tailored elopement package. This package already includes our brilliant elopement florist Amanda so you don’t have the extra worry of choosing who to create your flowers.

Amanda Randell Cox

Although Amanda is our elopement florist she has also been used for some of our summer weddings along with other Devon florists. Here’s a a few of our mostly used Florists from Past Ever After couples.

Clare Kinchin Photography.

Dartmoor Flowers

Dartmoor flowers have provided flowers for many of our couples in the past, they are used more regularly than others here at Ever after proving a very popular choice of Devon Florist. Check out  a few of the incredible flowers that Dartmoor flowers have put together for our couples.

Naomi Kenton, Mila Kos and The Little Red Book Photography.

Milli Fleur

Another Devon based Florist which has been used in the past by Ever after couples is Milli Fleur. Located close to our venue in Tavistock. Look at some of her creations at Ever after.

Dan ward and Liberty Pearl Photography.

Odds and Budds

Odds and Budds are another Devon Florist based in Tavistock! So very close to our venue. They have been used here on a few occasions.

Nick Walker & Clare Kinchin Photography.

Flowers going Green

Based in a small village between Tavistock and Yelverton, very close to our venue is a Florist called Flower going Green. Although this Florist doesn’t have a website like the others they are still quite popular with our couples.

Matt Austin, Ben Selway, Nick Walker Photography.


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