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Bubbles and Botanical lounge – relax and sip on champagne and gin

Let me introduce to you – the Bubbles and Botanical Lounge. So last post I showed you our BEAUTIFUL whiskey & cigar lounge, our bubbles and botanicals lounge is our sister lounge. If the whiskey & cigar lounge wasn’t your jam, how about something completely different – champagne and gin! Can’t choose between the two? HAVE BOTH! We set them up in different areas in the venue so that your guests can choose the vibe the want to lounge in.

Inspired by the art deco era, this lounge doesn’t hold back on the glam. Complete with zebra print cube seating, faux white leather sofas with silver cushions, mirrored tables, faux crocodile cabinet with gorgeous art deco lighting. And as if this wasn’t enough, The Lovely S build silver and white ostrich feather tree?! One of a kind – can’t get it anywhere else!

Dan Ward photography

This luxury Bubbles and Botanical  lounge is the perfect way to relax on your wedding day. We’ve equipped it with balloon & saucer glasses (everything tastes better in a fancy glass).  It feels so elegant and indulgent, nothing can beat this old Hollywood Style lounge…think of it as the Great Gatsby Lounge of Grenofen.

Clare Kinchin

We don’t shy away from lighting in this lounge, beautiful tea lights, a spotlight and charming art deco lamps with 2 glamorous ladies on will light up your day.

You can choose to supply your own gin and champagne or go with our picks, we are experts on them both. (Like seriously…we are enthusiasts).

Clare Kinchin

Want to see more on both our lounges? You can see our featured lounges on the coco wedding venues blog  here 

If you’re interested just drop us an email! It does come at an extra cost, but we think its a bargain. You can choose to have both our lounges, or just one.

More photos of our venue? Take a gander through our IG feed