Did someone say movie inspired wedding?… I know, maybe the first thing that came to mind is ‘cheesy’, right?

Well, I’m here to show you that it doesn’t have to be and actually we’ve had some wonderful examples here at Ever After.

Now I’m not saying you have to theme every single detail within your wedding, but these subtle examples might just get you thinking. It’s a way of plucking out tiny aspects of your personalities and sharing them with your beloved friends and family.

On the other hand, if you don’t want your wedding to be ‘wedding’ themed, then mix it up! The trends have been lapping up the big screen, we’ve seen ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Marvel’, the works…
They’re fun and a little more light-hearted than said ‘traditional’ wedding. Your guests will be more relaxed and the kids will LOVE it!

the great gatsby, gatsby wedding, flapper, vintage, pinterest, styled, ever after, theme
Source: Pinterest

Hannah & Martin – September 2018

Hannah & Martin subtly included their love of Super-Heroes within their wedding. Their fantastic cake created by Harrie – Boo to a goose, perfectly comprises, an elegant face; tying in the colour scheme for the day and disguising a much more fun side to the couple when seen from a different angle.

Marvel, cake, wedding, disguised, super heroes, captain america, dead pool, thor, ever after, 2019
Photographer: Little Red Book Photography
Cutting the cake, marvel, theme, movie inspired, wedding cake, deadpool, disguised, ever after, 2019, theme
Photographer: Little Red Book Photography

Zoe & Ben – July 2017

Zoe & Ben’s tables were named after fictional places from Lord of the Rings, and they had a brilliant table plan to display them. Again, nothing cheesy to see here… Our couples want to include their personal quirks and share them with their guests. Sometimes less is more.

Wedding, Table names, place cards, lord of the rings, movie inspired, wedding, elevyn, ever after, 2019
Photographer: Lucy Turnbull
lord of the rings, table plan, wedding, ever after, 2019
Photographer: Lucy Turnbull

Hannah & Kevin – July 2016

I’m not sure if this look was entirely movie inspired or intended to be but when I look at this creative table display all I can see is ‘Beauty and the Beast’! How stunning is this look? It’s magical, with an undeniable fairy tale essence…

beauty and the beast, movie inspired, wedding, table plan, ever after, cute, 2019, theme
Photographer: Nova Wedding Photography

Laura & Luke – July 2016

Back in July 2016, Laura & Luke embraced the mix match vintage tea set decor.

Maybe a tenuous link? But still inspiring! A wedding moment based on ‘Alice in Wonderland’s – Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’? 

vintage tea set, mad hatters tea party, alice in wonderland, movie inspired, themed, styled, wedding, ever after, 2019
Photographer: Enchanted Bridges Photography

Want more theme and decor inspiration? take a look at our photo and film gallery of real elopements at Ever After. 

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