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Wedding Decor Trends 2019

By March 7, 2019March 9th, 20192019 wedding trends
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Creating a wedding that’s truly personal has never been more in style than in 2019. Take a look at these wedding decor trends to get creative for your own big day!

Circles – Infinity decoration

Circles have hit the trends hard this season! Couples have been finding ways to incorporate them in all areas within their weddings.

“A circle has no beginning or end and is, therefore, a symbol of infinity. It is endless, eternal, just the way love should be.” – This statement refers to the symbol of a wedding ring. But beautifully transfers to this years circle trend.

The Circle arch

Which has actually come through from 2018, but it is an absolute WINNER!… Simple, beautiful and unique! It’s a slight change and more original take on the traditional arch, which the couple could potentially walk through. This new circle arch will have you jumping through hoops.

Circle Arch, floral, wedding, ever after, inspiration, trends, 2019, ring

Source: Pinterest

Circle Hanging Installations

As you’ll see below, the circle hanging installation is another take on the floral trend. It’s simplistic but effective. The kind of decor that draws your eye in but isn’t overwhelming… not too ‘try hard’

Check out this stunning table plan hanging installation. No doubt this’ll get your guests talking.

Hanging circle, floral installation, flowers, wedding, decor, trends, 2019, ever after

Source: Pinterest

Circle Bouquet’s

Now, this is definitely a personal taste kinda touch. I think they’re so beautiful. They’re a fashion piece! These circle bouquets are held by the bridesmaids as though they’re a clutch handbag.

I’d agree with this image that they’re best suited to a maxi dress so they have a kind of canvas to rest against.

floral hoop, circle bouquet, flowers, inspiration, wedding, trends, ever after, 2019

Source: Pinterest

Floral Bicycle Wheel

The floral Bicycle wheel has pulled together this new circle trend and the vintage, reclaimed trend that we’ve been seeing for the past few years.
It’s an affordable, eye-catching decor design, which I’ve already heard rumours of being used at Ever After this summer! I can’t wait to see how it looks!

Vintage, bicycle wheel, circle, floral, wedding, trends, ever after, 2019

Source: Pinterest

Pampas Grass

For 2019 Pampas grass has taken the wedding world by storm. Its boho chic style falls somewhere between ‘plucked from an overgrown woodland garden’ and ‘fancy’, creating an ostrich feather look. The grass naturally has a soft brown hue, which automatically gives it an earthy feel, but it can also be dyed to match your colour palette for a look that’s truly custom. Take a look at these dyed pampas pink hues;

Dyed Pampas grass, colourful, pink pampas, wedding, trends, inspiration, wedding, ever after, 2019

Source: Pinterest

Pampas Grass – Archway

Doesn’t this archway just look like a warm cuddle? It’s so fluffy but elegantly reigned back in with the artistically placed blooms.
Pampas Grass is definitely for all our boho brides out there, and it certainly wouldn’t look out of place here at Ever After.

Pampas arch, rustic, woodland, wild, inspiration, wedding, decor, trends, 2019, ever after

Source: Pinterest

Pampas Grass – Bouquet

This bouquet, on the other hand, isn’t strictly for the boho bride. Here you can see a relaxed bouquet, the pampas definitely edge on the more wild side.

Pampas bouquet, wild, rustic, flowers, trending, wedding, ever after, 2019

Source: Pinterest

Pampas Grass – Table Decoration

Using these feathery fiends as table decor? I definitely sense that less is more.
Because the flower is so large you could risk overdoing it, and potentially not be able to see who you’re sat opposite. I think you’ll agree on the table decor below balances the amount perfectly.

pampas table decor, wild, romantic, ever after, wedding, trends, 2019

Source: Pinterest

For more decor inspiration check out our inspiration gallery.

If the thought of decorating Ever After with these up and coming trends give you a funny feeling in your tummy. Then the only action to take is to get in touch with Nicola at