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10 benefits of booking a mid week wedding

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Cutting down those wedding costs

Cheaper venue.

We can all sympathize with the costs that occur when planning your big wedding day. The main benefit for me is that a mid week wedding is always going to cost less. Saving big bucks on that wedding budget!

Bigger budget for extra special touches.

While saving money in certain areas with planning a mid week wedding, your budget can be spent on other things. Remember that dress you really wanted but couldn’t afford? Or those perfect rings that your budget just wouldn’t stretch too? What about some added extras like a photo booth, live band or firework display.

Bigger budget for the honeymoon.

Perhaps the honeymoon is more important to you? A great benefit of  saving money by booking a mid week wedding is that you have extra cash for that all important honeymoon. Why settle with Benidorm when you can go to the Bahamas!

Choosing a special date.

A new trend i’m starting to see unfold is couples wanting to marry on their engagement date, the date they first met or the date they got together. Choosing a mid week wedding is great for picking your wedding date. Big summer weddings are often booked up far in advance.

More availability.

Availability is a massive issue if your dream venue is lacking. Getting married this year is your idea and your not settling to wait? Perhaps you got engaged over the new year, well, why should you!

A mid week wedding will give you more leeway with availability. Here at Ever after we are booked right up with only the odd few summer dates left up for grabs. But don’t worry, we still have important mid week wedding dates available Click here to find out more. 

Hassle free package.

Here at Ever after our midi-mid week weddings come as a fixed package.! No need for you guys to worry about any organizing of photographer, florist, wedding cake, food or drink as we take care of all that for you! If that’s not a bonus benefit, i don’t know what is! Check out our great mid week wedding package here.

Time off work.

One snag you may be worried about is guests getting the time off work for your special day. Our mid week package includes up to 20 guests. The simple answer is Pick your favorites!

A mid week wedding has the benefit of a smaller wedding, so choosing to have just you guys and your main friends and family stops that worry of guests being available. And if they are really that important, they will make themselves available!

Double bookings.

Mid week weddings are still a new thing! Meaning most couples are still booking big summer weddings without the option of a mid week wedding. Bonus for you guys cause your guests arn’t going to be double booked!


Every wedding is intimate, but a small mid week wedding with a smaller amount of guests has to be more intimate right? Anyone looking for a more intimate wedding should consider the benefit of a mid week wedding.

Time out.

Obviously a top benefit has to be that everyone gets a day off work to come a celebrate your wedding day. And you guys get two nights in our honeymoon cottage included in our mid week wedding package if you book with us!


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To check out our MMW package click here.