Buttonholes – Floral inspiration #2

We often forget that the men need flowers, too! Personally, I love buttonholes. I find them incredibly adorable, despite being so simple. And somehow a wedding suit just doesn’t look finished without one!

You will probably leave the buttonholes up to the florist. Unless you have a particular idea in mind. Generally speaking, a buttonhole is essentially a small clipping from your bridal bouquet. That’s isn’t always the case though, and there’s nothing to say the men can’t have something a little different.

Jess & Rob, for example, had a lavender theme running through their day, so Rob’s buttonhole was a sprig of lavender, but Jess had a bouquet of stunning peonies.

buttonholes at ever after

Photo by Richard Murgatroyd | Buttonhole by Dartmoor Flowers

You could go for a large single flower, like Pete did, which matched Penny’s bouquet and corsage (more on that later). Or something bold & bright like Ben.

buttonholes at ever after

Photo by Ben Selway | Buttonhole by Dartmoor Flowers

buttonholes at ever after

Photo by Lucy Turnbull | Buttonhole by Amanda Randell

Perhaps something intricate and delicate is more your style? Whatever you decide on, remember that colours matter. Making sure the buttonholes match the suits, ties, and other flowers is key.


Buttonholes in Pictures…










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